Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The schedule I posted up on our Facebook Group last night=)

Ok dudes, Heres a link with..
c)Summary of OUR group brief
Its saved in a PDF format, so everyone should be able to open it.
This is for our GROUP, Its best if you make a more detailed checklist for
yourself, so there's a guide line for you to work along. =D

......Oh and Im drawing the map out tomorrow, hopefully finished with annotated parts of where our bits of concept work would go. I'm aiming to lay out the possible buildings/structures in maya roughly to give us a full on feel of the map =D
If theres any changes needed then we'll sort it out on Thursday together!^^

The MAP!!

Ive finally combined our concept ideas together to produced a fairly good looking map.

Which Includes::
-An energy generator
-Water supply, drips of water from the surface gets collected in one area, then supplied to the survivors.
-A green area (The underground city has ONE source of light from the outside world,however, its too dangerous to attempt to crack open and escape, therefore, it is left alone. )
-Lights spreaded around the city from the power generator.
-The main Police Station
-New houses the survivors build/ re-use out of the ruins.
-Metal scraps.

[Map to be scanned in]

Monday, 25 January 2010

Concept work?^^

Since.. all the concept work Ive done so far for this project is on paper.. I thought I'd photoshop one of the designs =O I have no scanner atm.. its currently at another location.. so.. =S

Since I havent used photoshop for some time now.. its turn out alright I suppose =D Getting familiar with the software after so long felt pretty good^^

I should spend more time acquiring more digital skills, its quite enjoyable^^

Friday, 22 January 2010

had one really weird dream..

Random 2hrs of Maya..and some how learnt something out of it..

I woke with a really kwl design in my head!! =O so.. instead of drawing my vision out I thought I'd give maya a try! =D

Ive been doing random tutorials these days, so it didnt seem very hard..
I ended up adding random bits.. extruding he odd faces.. and kind of ruined my idea from before.. the centre of the "wheel" thing looks pretty kwl, kind of like a fan! I should find a tutorial on modeling a fan - fit for animating!

Im pretty satisfied from the outcome, considering I did no planning.. and it was straight from my imagination in the morning.. I just decided to be extra den spoiled the whole design. But it was good practice I must admit. From this random 2hours in maya.. I have learnt to....
a) Plan ahead
b) study more on different architectures..IN MORE DEPTH and
c)should really do more tutorials for more techniques =D

Concept decided?

My group known as : S.T.A.R.S!

Has come up with several ideas for our concept. From The Police Station from resident evil to caves.. to lost underground cities (my idea=P)

And have come up to the conclusion.. we shall COMBINE our visions together!!

So.. our main theme will be..
- The Lost Underground City
- with a RUN down Police Station
-The scene shall start from the entrance of a cave
-and finally... Mr.Rat, who will be our main tour guide for the scene
(my idea also... has a choice between a rat or firefly)

We've also allocated roles... "positions" even.. as a team.. we want to have equal "power" over the project. But since everyone wants to do abit of everything .. we've decided on the following:

Yuki(me) - Lead the members. - In charge of MODELING & ANIMATING
- Will be in charge of putting together concept work from the other members
- Will then storyboard the work.
- Model
- Animate

Karen - Lead the members. - In charge of MODELING & ANIMATING
-Drawing concept work
- Draw more detailed images of parts of the storyboard

Michelle - In charge of COMPOSITING
- Drawing Concept work
- Draw more detailed images of parts of the storyboard
-Model (small items)
- Composite

Ryan - In charge of TEXTURES
-Concept work
-TEXTURED drawings for storyboard
-Model(small parts)
-Lighting (small parts)

James - In charge of LIGHTING
-Textures (small parts)
-Model (small parts)
- Lighting
-Composite (small parts)

Everyone has a fair amount of POWER they wish to have within the group, Me and Karen will share the part as leader since its a big amount of pressure on one person alone. Makes like easier like this. However, even with these positions the other members have agreed to helping with the modeling since we all have a very complicated idea. =D

research in progress...

Whilst hunting for some originally concept work, I stumbled upon...


The creators (mainly talking about the winners) all have an amazing sense of colour. Also brilliant light sources. the atmospheres are expressed very well. So Im thinking of going towards that kind of style.

Its given me and my group an idea of what we really want to aim for, with an aim that high standard Im sure our final product would turn out ..at least half as good =D

but.. WE AIM FOR THE TOP!! so.. yeaa.. with our great facebookin" skills, we have devised a plan by brainstorming through millions of posts on our facebook group. By having a group on facebook its made life much easier.. discuss, sharing and praising, all that stuff have become easier to manage then blogging alone.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Digital Environments =D

Since its the start of a new term, we've recieved a NEW brief^^ Fresh starts! New project plans!!


atm, I've been doing research on different things.. from illustrators to architects!
I was thinking.. maybe create some kind of underground city. The camera shots could start from above the ground.. follows a molerat or something to this massive hidden city! =)

Three things I found pretty interesting..n could help develop this new world:

*Tom Kidd - an American science fiction/fantasy illustrator for kids books

*IM.PEI - AmericanBornChinese architect (designed some RELI KWL outstanding buildings worldwide =O)

*Lost City of Petra - Jordan
or Nabataean Kingdom - Egyptian/ Roman Takeover)
The architectural elements shows influence from the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilisations..
so its quite a bit mixture!

I remember seeing the Lost City of Petra in Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen, thought it was a pretty kwl place =P

I was thinking of a more historical approach, I remember watching the odd documentaries and random films on TV about lost cities..
... cities found UNDERGROUND..
...something about cities being wiped out in a night?

.....illusionists hiding the cities..

... immortals stealing cities for themselves...

....or like the forbidden city in china!!

..like in Full Metal Alchemist the anime! The story is based on alot of german theories which is kinda interesting for a Japanese animation =]

Theres also.. the feature animation, Agito.
It was about mankind VS nature. Creating a Utopia of PURENESS. But with humans destroying mother natures creations. Pollution got so bad, nature fought back... which resulted in a war between the HEAVY machinery's and mysterious plants/creatures.
The people living IN-BETWEEN the conflict gets affected differently depending on which side of the world they lived closer too.
Political conflict + MotherNature? Got a bit nutz in the end xD

but yeaa.. alot of ideas are going through my head.. I'll update once i get it all clear ^^