Tuesday, 2 March 2010

In reference to past findings...

In reference to Michelles past findings::

It was THIS video I aimed for. The lighting really bricks out the mysterious atmosphere we're looking for. However, Its just a smooth walk through of a cave, nothing animated except for the fire. I think the team over did it with the flames.. Its amazing and all but a bit too repeatable! ><

I noticed, the walls and floor were VERY flat. Not much effect was put into making the area look cavey enough. Keeping that in mind, trying out MudBox was the best plan!! Made modelling the inner walls more fluent. However, I kind of over did it with the effects. There ground plane was too cavey, the points would either stick out of the buildings or be SEEN through the windows. So to fix this, I had to import the file BACK into mudbox then Export it as an OBJ again. It not only fixed the problem, but also helped james work out where to puut the lighting =D

For now, the project is coming along very well.
Me and Michelle worked out how to use Qube, The render farm stuff. But, much was needed.
We Stumbled upon many problems last tuesday, (wasnt our day to go in, but for the team we must go in extra days!)
**Some members not keeping on track
**James had problems with the lighting it wudnt render properly. So we had to ask Alex for help
**Qube went weird at first for me and Michelle and Alex was weirdly no help. We wanted to TEST rendering on the render farm, but he sasid it was a waste of time.. SOOOOOO we worked it out ourselves.
**Michelle will re-do the camera animation to PERFECTION after we went over the "draft" with Jared.
**We went in PANIC mode for around..30-45min, but after comforting everyone, things were fine again =D

Now that texturing and Lighting has been completed.. OR IS being completed.... all thats left is rendering =D

Half of our group wishes to add more ideas last min, but I have my other project to concentrate on, so im afraid I cant help set their "dreams" comes true. Ive alrady given an extra week to the team, with my our attention set on Digital Environments. Its been a pain having the turn my attention onto other projects. I hope next term wont be as harsh.~

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