Friday, 20 November 2009

Bits of 3D work =O

Since this is a 3D project, I thought I'd PrintScreen a few bits I've been working on. Ive been teaching myself a new modelling technique - much easier then the way we were taught in FIRST year!!^^

Here's what I've learn from modelling the BASIC shape of my character:
-Using NURBS instead of Polygons
-Using the EP Curve Tool to trace other my character sheet. Then revolving it
-Creating deformers (Lattice)

-Inserting Isoparms
-Then adding the parts to the "geometry" layer!!^^
-And working in a more organised manner!! Like actually naming each part =P

I've learnt so much from online tutorials and this maya book =O Things are working out very smoothly. Anything the book is missing or Im wondering WHYY on earth is this computer messing up, I have trusted google to answer my questions^^

These are the more defined test of my character, compared to my tests before, this looks so good!! It isnt my actual charactersheet though. This is the character sheet i designed before.. Ive now extended Cornilius's body proportions to give him a more...APE - feel xD

Enough talk - Heres the images^^

Character Sheet in maya^^ All set up.. well.. actually.. in this image I havent moved the side view in place o.O
Using the EP Curve Tool I fixed up the vertexes, made a Lattice deformer and fixed it the the reference.
Inserted a NURB's cylinder and used the same processes as the body, then duplicated it =P

AND FINALLYY, I did the same thing for the arms!!^^ This time I had to work in top view too! working on 4 seperate screens is just so good =P

I'll upload on a different post on my tests on facial expressions later... too tired *yawns*

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