Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A few initial drawings from my sketchbook =D

TADA!!! Since Ive been too lazy to upload anything... heres most the sketches Ive done for the Industry Project!!^^

I picked the Character Design Brief, focusing only on Cornilius the gorilla. The most sensible, and civilized animal at London Zoo. =D

Our aim should be to design, model, and rig our chosen brief. With this we should animate a few seconds to show the quality of the rig^^ Im currently working on improving the current model, and the rig =)
Still not liking the idea of it having to look like claymation.. I've had to cut the fluffiness of Cornilius and simplify him so much =(

Ive left a few comments under each sketch too^^

Final Character Sheet FRONT: His arms are LOOONNNGGG! O_O
Final Character Sheet SIDE: He has a duck butt to make him THAT much "cuter" xD
Cornilius seems so short and chibi here.. not gooood....
Was mucking around with a perspective pose! AND IT WORKED OUT FINE! =O
Colour Testing in ROYAL BLUE^^
Colour testing in CYAN (blue)
Colour testing in PASTEL GREEN
Colour testing in LILAC
Colour testing in PASTEL BLUE
Cornulius's WALK pose^^ Him n his stubby legs xD
"CHEESEE!!" with "V" sign^^
Cornilius sitting in the zoo, giving a friendly wave with a book in his other hand^^ how civilized!
The whole page.
Don'nt mess with Cornilius when hes reading!! T_T
Corunilius happily reading^^
Front, Sidddee-ish...BACK view? o.O
First time drawing a gorilla with his butt off the ground =_= not goood..
Very deformed... but this will do for initial sketches =O
Head shape?? round? squared? triangular?? o.O so confuseddd
Stumpy Gorilla!! xD
This jus reminded me of the Grinch o.O why so?
This is what happens when you watch THE SIMPSON's while sketching..
AND THIS is what happens when you watch Dragonball GT while sketching...
Cornilius with a triangular head? I dont think so.. hes too angry!! T_T
HmmmMM a very stiff look...
GORILLA HUMAN FORM!! was thinking of a Digimon power pose.. =P
Drawn using a brush pen straight!! not bad =O since its a new pen xD
BEST character sketch^^ But hes soooOOO FURRY!! WHY must our Gorilla's be made of clayy!! sucha waste of a design =(
Possible Front and Side view.


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  1. hello,

    jut wanted to say your final design is really cute! i'm personally taken to the deep blue colour