Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Modelling Process on the REAL thing

.......Yeah right xD

Back pains... clicky thumb/finger joints.. eye signt getting worse as the days go by..

3D modelling REALLY KILLS!!!

Just cant be healthy...But heyyy, its ok!! This will be my FIRST completed character I designed, modeled, Blendshaped and RIGGED myself!!^____^

Totally worth the stress.

Learnt so much about deformers especially.. they're just SOOOOO handy! O_O

Working in an organised manner? ..well.. kind of... I managed to save my completed model in the WRONG project folder... nearly gave myelf a heart attack in the morning..LOL..

Anyways.. since I've been lazy to blog yet again.. I'll jus post my process all in one =) Makes things so much easier!! xD Cant concentrate on actual work THEN break away from.. er.. what do you call it... WORK MODE.. LOL

Body Geo^^ Dont this look so nice? Smooth NURB's!!^^

Played around with the Lattice deformer and got a weird chicken head O_O

Mwuahahahahaha Mr. Cornilius The SeaMonster!! Has sucha Pedo smile.. But the vertexes were getting on my nerves.. so.. hes sticking with the pedo smile =_=""

Some how find this option called "Hulls" no idea what it is.. still played around with it and made him another layer!! =) nw he has his beardy thing^^ n.. around his belly too^^

Notice the plasters =O They cover a Gorilla's most.. ugly parts..LOL hes supposed to be the most "civilised and sensible" being at the zoo!! hes not showing does parts!! bad enought the zoo dont give him CLOTHES!! T____T

Meet, My army of Gorilla's!! mwuahahahahaha Fear me now! =P

playing with BlendShapes to make facial expressions easier to animate in the 'future" its actually enjoyable =O one problem.. I cant give him a NICEE smile.. they all come out looking so perverted =_= not a nice look on a "sensible" gorilla... Now im thinking.. maybe having sucha big mouth wasnt a good idea.....

Yeaaa... thats about it for now.. still have alot of theory to work, I dont believe in jus following the tutorials.. I like to know what the hell im doing to the character first =P

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