Friday, 8 January 2010

Digital Environments =D

Since its the start of a new term, we've recieved a NEW brief^^ Fresh starts! New project plans!!


atm, I've been doing research on different things.. from illustrators to architects!
I was thinking.. maybe create some kind of underground city. The camera shots could start from above the ground.. follows a molerat or something to this massive hidden city! =)

Three things I found pretty interesting..n could help develop this new world:

*Tom Kidd - an American science fiction/fantasy illustrator for kids books

*IM.PEI - AmericanBornChinese architect (designed some RELI KWL outstanding buildings worldwide =O)

*Lost City of Petra - Jordan
or Nabataean Kingdom - Egyptian/ Roman Takeover)
The architectural elements shows influence from the Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilisations..
so its quite a bit mixture!

I remember seeing the Lost City of Petra in Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen, thought it was a pretty kwl place =P

I was thinking of a more historical approach, I remember watching the odd documentaries and random films on TV about lost cities..
... cities found UNDERGROUND..
...something about cities being wiped out in a night?

.....illusionists hiding the cities..

... immortals stealing cities for themselves...

....or like the forbidden city in china!! in Full Metal Alchemist the anime! The story is based on alot of german theories which is kinda interesting for a Japanese animation =]

Theres also.. the feature animation, Agito.
It was about mankind VS nature. Creating a Utopia of PURENESS. But with humans destroying mother natures creations. Pollution got so bad, nature fought back... which resulted in a war between the HEAVY machinery's and mysterious plants/creatures.
The people living IN-BETWEEN the conflict gets affected differently depending on which side of the world they lived closer too.
Political conflict + MotherNature? Got a bit nutz in the end xD

but yeaa.. alot of ideas are going through my head.. I'll update once i get it all clear ^^

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