Friday, 22 January 2010

had one really weird dream..

Random 2hrs of Maya..and some how learnt something out of it..

I woke with a really kwl design in my head!! =O so.. instead of drawing my vision out I thought I'd give maya a try! =D

Ive been doing random tutorials these days, so it didnt seem very hard..
I ended up adding random bits.. extruding he odd faces.. and kind of ruined my idea from before.. the centre of the "wheel" thing looks pretty kwl, kind of like a fan! I should find a tutorial on modeling a fan - fit for animating!

Im pretty satisfied from the outcome, considering I did no planning.. and it was straight from my imagination in the morning.. I just decided to be extra den spoiled the whole design. But it was good practice I must admit. From this random 2hours in maya.. I have learnt to....
a) Plan ahead
b) study more on different architectures..IN MORE DEPTH and
c)should really do more tutorials for more techniques =D

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