Friday, 12 February 2010

Battersea power station sketch =O

Battersea Power Station!!


The Power Station was very Squared.
Architectural aspects to not down for my own design:::
*The HUGE chimney pipes.
*The Smokey yet open atmosphere
(Cant use this point for mine, since its gna be in a cave,)
*The Shadows produced.
*How the Windows aren't very necessary for a power station. Only the middle, main section and the blocks on the side had proper windows. It was probably the office part?
*Ladders and Pipes coming out from top to middle.
* Scaffolding looking structures holding up the base of the chimney
*Plain Colour, not very exciting colourwise. Bricks?
[We're gna have a Blue Light coming from the opening anyways. But a mixture of Red Bricks and Blue Lighting PLUS smokey fggy effect = A purple like colour! =O With bring out a nice contrast to the dark police station, and the Bright pretty flowers in the middle of the cave. ]

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