Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Our group has decided.. since our environment is set in a cave, it should hold thee realistic damp..rough and gloomy feel. Since we have NO IDEA how we're going to do this, we've set ourselves a task. RESEARCH ON CAVES.

We've even planned a small field trip to our local chislehurst cave^^ ..But sadly I cant go ..because of personal reasons... So I'm just going to have to stick to secondary information, PHOTOS =D

Luckily I've experienced going into caves a few times in my life already.. from random holidays abroad, as a kid I liked exploring! and ended up getting lost a few times.. but i lived^^

I remember going to this cave in thailand, we had to sit on a boat for a good 20-45mins until we got there. It kind of felt like I was in one of thoses scooby-doo episodes where the gang accidentally find a hidden passage to god knows where. ANYWHO, we had to jump off the boat, and got to explore for a bit^^ in this case.. the cave was kinda.. cracking?.. all crumbled down.. kinda.. felt cramped, the place was damp, mysterious. and it actually felt like the place was falling down..O_O" Was banned from screaming too.. no idea why.. maybe the place really was falling down =P

But yea.. since I was young.. I didnt own a camera..
I have no evidence.. so.. GOOGLE TO THE RESCUE.

The Limestone hills of malaysia.
Amongst the most famous caves in the world are the caves in MULU National Park.

I love how the contrast of lighting brings out the detailed shape and texture of the rocks. Its clear enough for me to see the layers!! Reminds me of one of Ryan's concept pieces, was truly amazing. The use of texture and lighting was excellently planned^^ It's a good thing hes our texture man!

However, even with a pro texture man I must fairly play my part as modeler, and get these organic shapes planned out. I had a faint idea of the construction of the cave. Using a poly sphere, But clearly that has become a problem. Its very hard to model the..dunes?.. rocky..like.. lumps. xD As I did more research, Ive stumbled upon a tutorial explaining the technical layouts using a poly CUBE. What was I thinking.. of course it would be a cube..would make life so much easier!

So now I have the task of....
*Collecting more CAVE images
*Analise the elements needed
*Test Model
*Redesign my own version to fit our "script" =D

My job after this will be to work on the Bridge, PowerPlant..Generator..thing and a smexy fountain =D

[More Cave images + annotated comments on the elements COMING SOON =P ]

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