Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Storyboard^___^

Since I already made the block out, we decided it would be faster to create a camera in the scene to act as the main character Mr.Rat. By using the camera, we wont have to struggle with drawing angles, instead, we would only need to mimic the Rats movement.

Brief annotation:
*Starting point on the Bridge
*MrRat looks around..then up
*Loses balance,
*Butt Slides down the brides
*Lands on ground safely
**Looks up at the arch
**Turns head towards fountain
**Jumps onto fountain
**Take a drink perhaps
*Hears a noice, in shock turns around to the power generator.
**Walks towards Police Station,
**Looks up
*Walks round flower patch, towards Doorway thing
**Goes towards power Generator
*On second thoughts the flowers smell nicer.
*Checks out the Tree
*Hears a Sound again
*Cave ceiling cracks a CHUNK off
*Falls on top of Mr Rat

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