Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Great Wall of CHINA

The Yanmenguan Pass, Daixian County, Shanxi

Since I'm going to have to model the broken bridge. The cracks and broken halves must have a variation of shapes/cuts. Ive been doing some research on bridges. The French bridges, and rest of europe.. all have really narrows pillars as it gets closer to the water. This may be from the erosion from rain.. the river its actually in.. waves.. all natural. However. Im looking for a bridge thats DRY on land. And maybe damaged for natural reason.. other then water. So a thicker base is needed.

I've been looking on the TheGreatWallOfChina Page, its actually quite interesting how painters have portrayed this wall. But im more interested in the decary/danage section of the gallery.
Especially the part at..

"Zhenbiancheng City, Huailaixian County, Hebei"

The damage seen here are pretty interesting. in the arch closest to the right, it seems as though something large, like a boulder has passed through it. and the crumbling crack on the left hand side.

Theres a pile of bricks to support the structure too. That could also be a point to keep in mind? Other bricks or broken pieces of the bridge alone stupporting the whole object??

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