Friday, 12 February 2010

Blast Furnace!!

William T.Hogan, S.J. -Fordham's Steel Priest

William Thomas Hogan worked at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. During is research for his dissertation on steel productivity. It was the first detailed study on the subject and his methods of productivity measurement were adopted by the U.S department of Labor, releasing his fist book, Productivity in the Blast Furnace and Open Health Segments of the Steel Industry. Published in 1950.

Enough of he brief intro.

I found images of THE STEEL PRIEST at Industrial Economics Research Institute.
...ignoring the steel priest himself..

The Blast Furnaces Behind him where pretty interesting. It reminded me of my days in science.

I did a few sketches from these images. Looking closer into the pictures, if you zoom in, the bars supporting these HUGE pipes have a continuous pattern. Either in a continuous [wwwwwwwwwww] shape or a ladder on its side. There are also many steps connected to the blast furnace, Probably for handling the molten liquids. Or for health and safety? Theres also a few cylinders on top of each building. Stains on the metal plates in the corner of the picture, Plus the Smoky mysterious feel from the heat. Im thinking .. in a cave.. this mysterious smokey fog may cover the top areas.. or even place it between the buildings. As seen in one of Jame's findings, in the video. The light reflects back up the hold from above, reflecting light upon the dust particles. Since its an UNDERGROUND cave, it should be very dusty. With a broken Power Generator, it should be dustier. Im sure a smokey fog effect can be put in using maya.. or after effects even if maya doesnt work out for us.. =D

The Giant Pipes coming from the top of the blast furnaces are pretty cool too, adding them into my design would make them reflect reality more maybe? Even with a made up model of a "power generator" =D

Back to work! ~~

Lotsa things to thing about, so little time! ><

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